Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I've had my eye on the Swedish company, Henzel, for awhile now and every time I browse the collection, I'm blown away by the genius of these designs!!!  I am SO in love with the graphic watercolor technique it's ridiculous.  The colors are so vibrant that the rugs appear more like artist canvases with paint splatters gracefully making their permanent imprint in wool form.  (I feel so fancy just typing about it.  I think I missed my calling to be an art critic, now the rug industry has put up with my babble).  But seriously, take a looksy at the striking varieties below...
Henzel features techniques in wool form that I have honestly never seen before.  I've always known them for their graphic and bold depictions of using text and faintly layered beautiful faces in their rugs, but to actually get the feeling of paint dripping and gradations of color that make you think water is drying...   is. just. so. friggin. cool.
Thank you Henzel for inspiring the rug world and inspiring me to get out my paint and canvas.  To check out more of Henzel rugs, check out their fabulous website, right HERE.

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  1. These are beautiful! I'd hang one on a wall as art. I'd love it too much to step on it every day. Love all your posts!