Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ICFF Coverage + Amy Helfand

Around two weeks ago I started counting down the days until my absolute favorite show was coming to New York... drum roll please... The International Contemporary Furniture Fair, (aka ICFF) yessss!  If you're in the NY area and want to be blown away by the most innovative products for the home, the last day is today and is open to the public.  Anyhoo, I was on a mission to scout out some of the most creative designers in the rug industry and low and behold, I totally succeeded and made some great new rug design friends from all over the world that I can't wait to share with you!  First up, the creative designs of Amy Helfand...

Amy is a Red Hook, Brooklyn based artist who has taken on many forms over the years, from photography to sculpture, and her influences range from Matisse to Minimalism.  At this years show she was debuting a new series called Devotion.  As an artist, inspiration can hit you over the head when you least expect it!  Last year, while Amy was traveling to Nepal to oversee production on her rugs, she was struck by the abundance of shrines, temples, Tibetan prayer flags, and moved by the deep faith of the people, both Hindu and Buddhist.  This inspired her to incorporate her experience and the imagery that she saw, transforming it into her signature contemporary and abstract style.  She adds, "I am very grateful that I was able to finally meet and express my gratitude personally to the people who are responsible for translating my artwork in these rugs." 

Well, Amy could not have been a cooler and nicer gal, and her designs are so unique!  I was particularly drawn to her choice of unexpected color combinations and graphic interpretation of her powerful life experiences.  She was so generous to share with me how as an artist, she is captivated by the connection of humanism and nature.  Lastly, what I got a kick out of, is that one of her favorite hobbies is skateboarding near the water in Brooklyn with her husband and three sons.  How cool is she?  Seriously.  So cool.  To check out more of Amy's rugs on her website, click here.  Thanks Amy :)

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