Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Unique Shapes by Nuzrat Carpet

I'm always on the lookout for rugs that think "outside the box" (or the 5' x 8' rectangle), so I was pleasantly surprised to find these fun designs land in my inbox from Nuzrat Carpet.  Classic geometric shapes are rejuvenated into a fresh and exciting dye-cut border.  I love how such a simple twist can make such a bold impact!
The universe will never get enough of circles and squares... yet, we will never stop thinking of unique ways to reinvent them.  I love the monochromatic color concept in both designs paired with the neutral grey.
Thanks Nuzrat Carpet for inspiring the rug world to rethink our shapes!  Check out more of Nuzrat Carpet, right HERE.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Interview with Designer Malene B

Remember the fabulous Malene B from this years ICFF show?  Malene is an extremely talented rug designer and her designs whisk me away to exotic cultures all over the globe!  I've been a big fan of Malene's unique point-of-view for some time now, so when she allowed me the honor to interview her for this blog post, you can imagine I was all ears!!!  Feast your eyes on her amazing inspirations come to rug form...
I like to ask designers questions that relate to their artistic point-of-view and background, as well as some 'off the cuff' questions that give us a better idea of who they are as people, what ticks their tock and makes them leap for joy.  So without further ado, I present the fabulous insights of Malene B...
1)  Is there something you can share about your childhood, perhaps a memory or hobby, that is reflected in your career today?

My mother and I had a cake decorating business. She taught me how to make the cake and frost it.  I would draw all of the characters. This was my introduction into using my art skills to make a product for sale. Then later on I hand painted t-shirts, developed a hand screen printed line of t-shirts and made clothes that I sold each summer during my college years. 

2)  As an independent designer, how did you discover your calling to the rug industry? 

It was as a result of my textile program at FIT. I won first place for the coveted Stark Carpet Design Award for my carpet design based on an African folktale and then later on I completed an independent study in carpet design for the Carnival Cruise Ship.  My experience at Nourison help to nurture and develop my skills.  And Malene b, gives me the outlet to showcase my work. 

3)  How would you describe your unique style?

My style is global, modern and bold! I like to mix traditional techniques/icons with contemporary design elements.

4)  It appears that your inspiration comes from so many fantastic sources - your travels, the people in your life, textures in your memories... but how would you describe your state of mind when you receive many of these inspirations?

Pretty hyped and excited! Once I’m inspired I usually want to get on a plane to go and visit the places that I just researched.   

5)  What designers or artists, past or present, do you most admire and why?

Lois Mailou Jones . She was a fine arts painter and textile designer; her style was bold and colorful.  Her work inspired me to create bold colorful pieces with stories.  

6)  What are some of your interests outside of the design world?

West African Dance, traveling of course and cooking.

7)  Who is your celebrity crush?

Djimon Hounsou, Darius Rucker and Idris Elba!  I gotta have more than one!

8)  What is your favorite type of food?

There are too many to choose Jamaican, Trinidadian, Indian, Thai, Senegalese, Ghanaian, Mediterranean…I just love good food from many parts of the world  

9)  Do you have any current favorite TV shows?  Favorite books?

Currently I don’t watch TV but when I did I loved watching Millionaire Matchmaker, Housewives series, The Game and Girlfriends.

10)  What is your favorite holiday to celebrate?

My Birthday!  I act as if it’s a holiday.

11)  Do you have any funny pet peeves? 

Hmmm good question, not sure if this is funny but I’m not a fan of area rugs on wall to wall carpet.

12)  What human characteristic or virtue do you most admire in others?

Humor,if we can laugh together it only makes our relationship smoother.


Thank you so much Malene for inspiring us with your amazing design perspective and sharing the simple joys of life (yes, I too can't get enough of Millionaire Matchmaker!  and seriously, Djimon Hounsou... total hunk).  

To check out much more of Malene B's stunning and inspired collections, check out her website, right HERE.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Largest Rug Everrrrr

I know, I know... I too thought I was looking at crop circles for a second, but oh no, this is an actual rug.  Not just any actual rug, but actually the biggest rug on EARTH.
This rug is specially made to order for Abu Dhabi mosque in United Arab Emirate.  It is 60,468 square feet and incorporates thousands of unique flower motifs.  It's pretty intense.  Check out more info on this rug that I stumbled across on this blog, right HERE.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Runway to Rug: Marc Phillips + Carolina Herrera

I looooove this wool and silk Nepalese rug by Marc Phillips.  I'm just really digging the abstract vibe and layers of texture.  This style keeps popping up more and more and I can't get enough of it.  Naturally, I gotta look to the fashion world to see what designers are also getting inspired by this trend.  The classy Carolina Herrera never disappoints.  I absolutely love how she takes this textured motif and pulls it together into something so elegant and sophisticated.  Plus, both designers utilize the concrete/blue color scheme that is strong, but not over powering.

The only thing I have in my closet that remotely represents this concept is my salvation army jeans that are covered in paint (my "studio" jeans I like to call them).  I think I could use an upgrade, hmmm, how about this dress?

Check out the Marc Phillips 'Twist' rug, right HERE.   

Monday, August 1, 2011

Vintage Shag Rug

I'm totally hooked on the new Bravo TV show Million Dollar Decorators.  There's something so comical about high drama design.  No doubt, I can't deny the talent that the decorators showcase.  In the midst of the designers having a meltdown whether to use high back or low back bar stools, I really appreciate the risk takers who incorporate totally unexpected pieces into their spaces.

I wanted to discover more of what these decorators had to offer, so naturally, I googled their websites.  I was pleasantly surprised to come across some really unique objects in Kathryn Ireland's shop.  I really get a kick out of her brash English humor and her playful style of integrating pattern and color.

How about this for unexpected?  A vintage shag rug for a mere $16,500.  A tad bit out of my price range, but that's considered way under budget for these decorators.  In the past, whenever I came across this style of a hairy rainbow beast, my reaction was a bit indifferent.  Not anymore!  I'm really digging it!    I love the unlimited color palette to work with and all that "hair", well... looks kinda cozy all of a sudden.   Check out this show stopper on Kathryn Ireland's website, right HERE.  

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I've had my eye on the Swedish company, Henzel, for awhile now and every time I browse the collection, I'm blown away by the genius of these designs!!!  I am SO in love with the graphic watercolor technique it's ridiculous.  The colors are so vibrant that the rugs appear more like artist canvases with paint splatters gracefully making their permanent imprint in wool form.  (I feel so fancy just typing about it.  I think I missed my calling to be an art critic, now the rug industry has put up with my babble).  But seriously, take a looksy at the striking varieties below...
Henzel features techniques in wool form that I have honestly never seen before.  I've always known them for their graphic and bold depictions of using text and faintly layered beautiful faces in their rugs, but to actually get the feeling of paint dripping and gradations of color that make you think water is drying...   is. just. so. friggin. cool.
Thank you Henzel for inspiring the rug world and inspiring me to get out my paint and canvas.  To check out more of Henzel rugs, check out their fabulous website, right HERE.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Tie-dye Kelims

Summer days bring me back to the good ole' days of childhood - BB Q's, playing in the pool, wiffle ball, ice cream... and watching the "big kids" tie-dye their t-shirts.  Tie-dye seems to be making a come back, not necessarily in the form of the Grateful Dead colorful rainbow tie-dyed shirts, but a bit more understated and monochromatic.  Well, who would of thunk it, tie-dye is now making it's way into some very unique area rugs.
Thanks to my buddy Matz Ridderstrom, who has such a creative eye for spotting unique rug designs, sent these really unique Kelims my way.   Check out the many color schemes used in the tie-dye kelims on the Carpet US website, right HERE.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I recently learned of the Belgium rug company, Papilio, and was instantly floored by the innovation in these rug designs!  The texture and materials are super adventurous.  The image above appears to be fabric and strips of newspaper woven together.  uh-mazing.

Cow hide is breaking the mold with an adventurous color palette and quilted plush effect below...
Here are just a few more of my favorites from Papilio.  I love the photo styling and the nontraditional shapes of the rugs...
I'm not gonna lie, I may have gone through a phase in my earlier years when I desperately wanted to be a skater girl.  Well, it just wasn't meant to be, I'm not even coordinated enough to stand on the human conveyor belt at the airport.  So as you can see, I'm a little jealous/admire the coolness of the skater dude in the photo styling.

Check out more innovative designs from Papilio, right HERE.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Moral by Surya

I was really WOW'ed when this great design from Surya landed in my inbox recently.  The design is inspired by Spanish party dresses.  It's like a fiesta on a rug!  Love that!  Plus, check out the detail shot below, doesn't it look so comfy and thick?  The Moral rug is created with 100% wool felt, cut and sewn together.
I love to see how felt is used in the industry to create such beautiful and sculptural designs.  The flower-like blossoms that boldly jump out of the rug make this design a show stopper and something my feet can seriously sink into.  Check out more of Surya's designs, right HERE.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Embed by Top Floor

I just received some fantastic new designs that landed in my inbox from Top Floor.  There were so many  gorgeous rugs to admire, so I'll post them one by one sporadically in the coming weeks.  This design, called 'Embed', is just so delightful!  I absolutely love the "button tufts".  The rug is inspired by the  neighborhood mattress and quilt shops from the designer, Esti Barnes, childhood in Istanbul.  How sweet and nostalgic!  Check out more of Top Floor rugs, right HERE.